Freedom To Be In The Now

One week ago today, I made a personal choice, a choice for me. For my family, for my kids, for my wife.

I got rid of all Social Media from my life.

I decided to stop adding to the stream of crap that was my experience on both Facebook and Twitter. Along with the big two, Instagram was also something I decided to stop all together.

The reasons I used it were ego centric and became an annoying addition to my already busy life. It wasn’t providing any fruit so I cut it off all together.

The last week has been great to say the least. The communication has been better. The discussions I have had with my wife have been deeper. The games I have played with my kids have been more meaningful.

All because I can be in the now.

I don’t have the nagging feeling I missed something or someone. I didn’t have that annoying itch to “check” in. And in turn I was able to be with my kids, to speak to my wife and hear what she was saying.

It’s a small choice of mine, but the payoff so far has been huge. It’s an experience that I must say you need to try! Start small, you don’t have to quit cold turkey, but maybe take a week off. Or even a month.

Be in the now, be here, not there, or there or even there. Just be where you are, in the moment, because you won’t get that moment back!

The world we currently live in and the world that it will become can be a scary place if rules are not set up, if boundaries are not adhered to. But these rules, these boundaries are personal ones that you must decide for yourself.

No one else can make you be in the now, besides yourself!

Are you ready to start!?!?

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