Opinion: Something Needs To Be Done

You may feel free to agree or disagree with the title of this post, but our President has done absolutely nothing to unite our country. Instead he continues to divide us in more than one way.

I started following politics during the 2004 Presidential Race between John Kerry and George W. Bush. This was during my freshman year of college and at the age of 18 when I could legally vote (by absentee). Since then, politics has become more absurd and more exhausting than ever.

I’ve been a long standing progressive liberal and I continue to fight for what I believe in and what is good for our country. I do understand where my political counterparts are coming from in their views, but don’t understand their mindset in standing behind a President that has accomplished nothing in 8 months and enjoys enlarging his ego everyday. The nomination of conservative Judge Neil Gorscish to the Supreme Court was by far an accomplishment, and by far the ONLY accomplishment under the Trump administration. I don’t consider slashing consumer regulations, putting up a giant wall along the Mexican border, and defunding government agencies to be helpful at all or the direction the majority of our citizens are in favor. What happened about caring for the coal miners in West Virginia and the middle class — did that message get lost somewhere? Twitter has given our President to Tweet in 140 characters (God forbid his Twitter character limit increases) about anything: absurd things, such as “fake news” driven in the media, losing the popular vote, bullying politicians in his own party and producing fake news himself — impulsive and on the fly stuff.

I don’t condemn that if Hillary Clinton was elected as our President that everything would have been different (or smoother) because we will never know. But the incompetence running through our President’s administration is nothing that I have seen or would like to continue. If possible, get Mike Pence as President. I strongly disagree with his social conservative views to the max, but he would work in a bipartisan manner and get things done on Capitol Hill.