Interesting Perspective From a 3 Year Old

As I was putting my daughter to bed tonight she once again pleaded with the soft side of my fatherhood and asked if she could do “quiet time” and not go to bed. Now let me clarify: “quiet time” is where she goes in her room and quietly plays with her toys while her younger brother naps.

Since 3 year olds have a limited knowledge of exactly how time works her next question should not have surprised me:

“Daddy will it get dark when I sleep?”

Well then…
I hadnt really thought about that one J. She goes to be when it is still light out (at least during the summer here in Michigan) and she wakes up after the sun has come up. When she used to nap in the afternoons, again it was light out before and after.

It dawned on me that she almost never sees the world without light.

Why had I never thought of this before? Her world view has been shaped by the circumstances to believe the world never goes dark.