God Did Not Create Us To Be Independent

“Independence is the counterfeit for what God really wants to see in us, which is interdependence.”

Interpersonality is a key ingredient to human thriving.

Independence and self reliance go hand in hand. The problem with both is that the lone self gets placed above interpersonal relationships, and isolation (to varying degrees), is the result.

Isolation is the very antithesis to what we were created for: relationship. With God and with others.

We were created in God’s image, who Himself is a communal Being (having relationship between the Father, Son, and His Spirit). And though Adam had God in the beginning, God still said it wasn’t good that he was alone (a lone being… he needed others of his kind).

In order for humanity to thrive, we need interdependence. And interpersonality is impossible to achieve when pursuing self-reliance. Your sole self cannot fulfill the need for community. Only interpersonal relationships can fulfill that need.

Independence is not even fully obtainable. One can never be fully self-reliant, for there will always be something which that person uses that he obtained from another person (maybe you built your own home, but did you cut and mill the wood? Did you create the screws? Did you make your own screwdriver? Etc.). Even non-material things. Ideas are the products of the combinations of teachings from other men. One cannot take all the credit for anything, ever. We all rely on someone or some people for something to some degree.

So let us pursue interdependence with one another, and experience the lushness of life that ensues.

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