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Just curious: how were you diagnosed with ADHD?

I was diagnosed at a young age. I found out later from my mom, upon questioning (I was doing research on the disorder at the time), that the doctor didn’t even take a blood panel, he simply screened my behavior and said, “Yep. ADHD.”

I found out through my research that 3/4 of those diagnosed are boys (and we’re talking young here… as young as four years old). I eventually came to the conclusion that this “disorder” is more of a lack of one’s fitting in to arbitrary social standards, and a lack of basic gender characteristics. Boys typically are loud, like to run around and be rambunctious. This doesn’t make them “hyperactive” just because they don’t (yet) conform to your standard of “normal” behavior (quite, calm, etc.). As for lack of concentration, why is there no account for the environment that we are currently in? There’s such a constant surrounding of stimulation (screens everywhere, sounds everywhere, people demanding our attention, etc.). And we are now at a point where we are raised in this environment. So constant switch of focus from one stimulation to the next becomes normalized.

Theories aside, I found, through reading Nutrient Power by Dr. William Walsh, that 50% of those diagnosed are just deficient in Zinc (which makes complete sense when looking at the effect zinc has on serotonin, as well as the rate at which those with ADHD are diagnosed with depression).

Since I’ve done that research (and made some lifestyle changes… namely diet and exercise), I’ve rejected the “diagnosis” and labeled myself as a normal human being. Granted, I may function slightly different than others, but who’s to say that’s a “disorder”? Unless it’s a legitimate chemical imbalance (and one that’s genetic/unsolvable via diet and exercise), I generally advise my fellow beings to rethink their “diagnosis.”

Just some thoughts! Interested to hear back from you though :)

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