Is 2017 The Year Of LAX?

Remember the old Latin American Xchange with Konnan and Homicide? The group that were believed held back because of their ethnic background? Well that group is back, with Konnan in a managerial role along with Homicide, Santana, Ortiz, and Diamante as active competitors. The core concept of the stable is that they are building their own revolution, creating a hostile takeover of GFW no matter what it takes.

While Konnan has since been retired, he has built his own empire with his own promotion, The Crash, and has been a creative genius in the world of wrestling. Homicide is a veteran of the wars in the ring for nearly 25 years, and is the mentor of many talented wrestlers in this generation. With the arrivals of Santana, Ortiz and Diamante, the veterans serve as mentors for the next generation of LAX to take over the world of professional wrestling.

While most people don't know much about Santana & Ortiz, they are one of the most toughest tag teams in the New York area as EYFBO, and are the most dominant tag team in professional wrestling today. If they keep up this pace, they might be Tag Team of the Year because of their total dominance. Diamante is one tough customer, but she's the smallest of the bunch. A fixture of the Florida wrestling scene, she has been one of the most popular women's wrestlers in the area.

With the GFW Tag Team Championships under their belt, the group are continuing to build their empire with street violence and total intimidation. Plus with amazing vignettes and promos, the group is becoming more over with audiences. Despite being bad guys, they still have a large following in regards to Latinos. They talk about taking over the promotion by unleashing their brand of violence, much like Decay last year. Speaking of which, LAX just utterly destroyed the nefarious trio in a couple of solid matches between the two teams. While LAX is most hated among some fans, the group has been a dominant force that could bring toughness and ruthless aggression to the tag team division.

If all things come to pass, expect LAX to continue their dominance with Diamante being a force in the Knockouts Division, and Homicide playing a role in the Heavyweight title picture. If someone pulls the plug on LAX's dominant run, it becomes more clear that the intimidation factor will be shattered. Just don't hope it happens soon.

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