Archinaut, The In-Space Robotic Manufacture and Assembly Technology
Made In Space

I think a good “side goal” would be a space-based recycling construct. There is a massive amount of “junk” floating up there, that we have already spent the fuel to put it into orbit. If you had an “orbiting junkyard” that could allow whomever to drop off collected bits and have some bots, focused mirros, whatever, break it down…all that delta-v wouldn’t be a waste.

If Japan’s HTV6 brings it down, image HTV7 bringing it up to you instead.

Another needed construct is some type of orbiting refueling station. Building structures is good, but you’ll need to move them around to their final orbital spot too. You’ll need some tugs, and quite a bit of fuel. Eventually we will have to get passing-by meteors for this, but that’s a ways off. You need a facility that can combine launched chemicals into useable fuel in-place.

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