Why Your Petition for an Electoral College Upset is Wrong
D. M. Andre

In total, however, no incoming POTUS has the level of “potential disruption” Trump has. Neither Nixon or Clinton had thousands of lawsuits on their record from a long list of corporate assets. You might be able to find specific similarities to other Presidents, but when you add it all up no one comes close. It’s an “AND” logic statement, not “EITHER OR”. Trump has lawsuits AND is purposely upsetting China AND passed off Mexico AND advocates sexual harassment AND refuses to divest business interests AND is mixing family members with State-level meeting AND advocating torture AND advocating “religious registration” AND appointing white power on his team AND allowing team members to pass on conspiracy theories AND advocating attacking reporters AND making fun of disabled people AND advocating violence at rallies…I could go on and on.

The point is no single person we’ve elected had a total list like that. If you have any family in the military, best make your peace with then soon before we go to war with China.

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