The insidious racism of Mary Beard and the “diversity” operators
Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Technically, “race” should be replaced with “geolocational epigenetic expression”, but that’s a big phrase. Yet, for the most part, that’s all it is. There are a few other ACTUAL subspecies mixed in, but even that is low statistically. Current theory has the Himalayan sherpas getting their high-altitude “abilities” courtesy of the Devosians, and there is a 1-4% mix of Neanderthal in many northern Europeans. Other than that, most “racial” differences are long-term epigenetic expressions from evolution in a particular enviroment…and are mostly “surface” changes.

Outside the body, a human heart, liver, etc all look the same no matter the original “race”. Why exactly people have different shaped “eyes” geographically isn’t really understood, but currently there is only one “race” of humans. Race in humans is really more like a breed.

We don’t refer to a Great Dane dog as the “Great Dane race”, or call specific cats “the Maine Coon race”. Their just breeds, all breeds can viablely mix.

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