‘I don’t know how to use a computer!’: the stories of our most dangerous public servants
Leah Lockhart

When you mention the UK, that reminds me of their “encryption debate”. Many want “back doors” in encryption, with no clue as to how dangerous that is.

One, someone will find any weakness, especially an actual “back door” rather quickly. Two, encryption doesn’t work like that, and no one country can just force the entire planet to update every pc, software app, router, etc to support their weakened prototal.

Finally, encryption isn’t some high-level super secret contraption. Millions of people world-wide could create their own encryption protocols if needed. The genie long ago left the bottle, far before the Internet (or even electricity) was around.

If the government demands back doors, are they also assuming liability when banks get hacked, identities get stolen, and so on on a scale 100x what now happens?

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