What problems are we solving?

Here’s what I think are the problems to solve to create high-quality journalism:

  1. Attract high-quality journalists to produce content and be rewarded for their work. This means payment and reputation management.
  2. Afford to pay for high-quality journalists. This is where the wheels have come off. Newsrooms have been slashing expenses for years(*). It’s hard to justify putting time and resources into investigate work when a provocative blog post or cat meme can actually generate more business. I believe this means leveraging open-source methods for sourcing, verifying and editing content in order to reduce the cost of high-quality journalism by 50–100x.
  3. Encode validity and veracity (and for that matter, honest and decency) into the fabric of the system. It needs to be fundamental to how we use it.
  4. Monetize the news without influencing the content whatsoever.

*Sources forthcoming.