Escaping the Real World in a Car

Matthew Inserra

Period 2 Myers


The Ford Escape is a compact sport vehicle. Ford advertises the car as an escape (hence the name). In this particular ad Ford make it seem like the car can take you anywhere. First the car is driving through a beautiful forest. Then it is standing in a pool of water in the middle of a giant area of just white. Lastly it drives off in the white and Ford’s logo and motto, go further, come up. Throughout the ad a women is calming talking about thing that you might not be ready for come your way such as a 24 speed bike or an aquarium. In the end she says “Whatever comes your way the Ford Escape, with its foot activated liftgate, will help you bring it home.” This ad is need to escape due to the car driving through the forest and an empty white area. But this ad is also need for safety due to the fact to the women is talking about how the car will provide you with being able to take home anything that comes your way. I believe that this ad is effective due the way the car smoothly transverses the terrain and that is very pleasant in both the fact that the women is very calming and that the car is good looking and drives smooth.

Ford worked in the need to escape very well in this ad. The car is driving through beautiful empty areas in the world with nothing to look at but the beauty and the car. Also the colors are very calming as they use a lot of blues and greens throughout the ad. Additionally, women’s voice is very calming because of her soft tone and smooth talking. The camera keeps the car in the middle of the screen as it smoothly moves across the land. Also the need for safety is effectively portrayed in the advertisement. The way the women talks about these items that would normally be a pain to bring home makes you feel safe and like you will have no problem with any of the items because of the car.

The advertisement, in my opinion, is pointed towards the 25–40 year old person. It is for the 25–40 year old because the items that she lists off, like a bike and a snowboard, tends to fall in the categories of the younger more daring person. In addition I would also say that the ad is more pointed towards women. This is because both the narrator and the person using the car are women. If they were directing it towards men are both they wouldn’t have had only women.

In conclusion, the ad is very effective in convincing people to buy the car. It makes you want to escape while still making you feel safe. The whole ad is very calming and makes you want to go out and cruise in it out in nature where you can be by yourself.

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