Regressive Bangladesh

With news of the death of a 13 year old beaten in public view — I have lost all faith in the Bangladeshi people doing the right thing because we are all just a nation of apathetic two faced non doers. There are slivers of exceptions but we are a regressive nation. We delight in death. We find pride in rape & acid throwing. We kill and abuse children. We torture animals. We mug. We elect those who hate us. We steal. We Maim. We talk about it in public and do business with the same people. We walk in shit and profess national pride. We litter, pollute and defecate on our streets. We are a nation of God lovers practicing hypocrisy as networking. A moral Bangladesh died in the early 90's. Democracy was the opium of the masses they knew we would gobble up and the addiction is tearing the fabric of my society into shreds. We are getting what we deserve and there is no salvation from this darkness. It’s worse than how we see it in this ever growing soulless concrete sweating constructionholic country we call home. This is no country for good men, dreamers and lovers anymore. The birds don’t sing. The rivers don’t flow like before. The fruits are poisoned and the fishes are not plentiful and pure. The trees are gone. The tigers don’t roar as they did. The elephants are made to beg for survival. Decency is weakness. Money is the only measure of success and increasingly the only way you can get it is to sell your soul to the devil and make peace with everything around you. That leads us to buy things and not experiences. This leads us to numb ourselves with anything that will numb us. Dumb us. Make it so that everything distant is fuzzy and everything close is beautiful. I used to feel guilty for wanting my son not to grow up in this place I call home but it’s not the home I loved once. It will never be a golden Bengal anymore because the gold was stolen long back and sold for which in return we got what we have now. We can sing, dance, write poems, win in games and bask in the glory of a handful of leaders around us trying to change things but even an optimist like me knows that there is a point of return on the shit we are doing that we are going to cross soon. God bless Bangladesh and it’s curious inhabitants. Those who know what’s wrong around all of them but don’t give a damn, even to the extent of their own vicinity, something they have the power to change. Arrogant apathy has destroyed us. Everyone’s a sage and everyone’s a sinner.

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UPDATE: Police catch a suspect red handed trying dump Rajons body.

UPDATE-2: A second suspect has been apprehended.

UPDATE-3: Dhaka Tribune is reporting in related news that another child 7, identified as Tikon was beaten to death by his uncle.

UPDATE-4: Few of the culprits have been arrested and taken into remand. One has been caught and will be returned to Bangladesh soon from Saudi Arabia thanks to watchful migrants there.

Unbelievable. What have we become?

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