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The Americans are already in Syria. Does all your thought about politics and war begin and end with the Iraq War. Is that your gold standard. So all you have to do to adopt the correct attitude is to stay inert as Russia and Iran and Hezbollah mass murder Syrian civilians, submit them to incessant aerial bombardment, use chemical weapons, industrial scale torture, barrel bombs, to terrorize civilian populations in rebel held areas, but set up a whining mindless dumbass yawp if the US responded (barely) to use of sarin against civilians? What you seem to want to do is to endorse the flimsiest , flakiest conspiracist nonsense that flies in the face of all the expert analysis , all the material evidence, all the open source evidence, all the UN, HRW, conclusions that the sarin found to have been used in Damascus and Idlib province bears the regime’s signature. Millions in exile, mass torture, disappeared, chemical attacks, Russias Assad-keeping mission in full flame, and you worry about ‘disastrous’ western aggression? So you are not prepared to countenance that the Assad regime could have used chemical weapons? Because you believe in false flags and deep states and fuck knows what else, because you have to, because of your pre-ordained political prejudices. Not a very intelligent attitude. Enough, I’m sick of war crime deniers like you, disfiguring the left with its nauseating embrace of jihadist Hezbollah, of mass murderer Assad regime, of ultra corrupt, Natonalist lying scum Putin regime. You are wilfiully blind to realities. Alt-left, pseudo-left.

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