This article is itself highly problematic:
Frank Parker

The Ghouta chemical attacks, the massive sarin attacks in the Damascus suburbs, of August 2013, the UN investigation concluded, were carried out with sarin from regime stockpile. You are a complete Fascist imbecile. There is no evidence the rebels have ever used sarin —the article you cite is conclusive of nothing at all. (Carla del Ponte, whose (idiosyncratic) ideas in early 2013 were utterly superseded by the systematic and thorough UN reports of the end of that year, has said she believes the regime was responsible for the latest sarin attack in Khan Sheykoun). I can’t stand idiots like you polluting ideas of what left wing thinking is. You inhabit a dumb ghetto of shallow propaganda. Grotesque. Have some sense of decency. You are absolutely sure the massacred of Ghouta and Khan Shekhoun have been murdered by their own side? In the suburbs of Damascus they gassed their own children? For some incredible false flag conspiracy? And yet the UN investigators said it was regime sarin, that it ‘bore the hallmark of the regime chemical stockpile’. And now the OPCW says again sarin was used and again it is rebel areas that are targeted. Children gassed by the regime. I suggest you shut up and have some fucking sense of shame. You are making the left look clueless, soulless.

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