WORLDZPlayground Finds GARY VEE

I want to talk about Self-Awareness, ALL THE TIME.

I want to help people aspire to be more. Not only Do i want to do this, i AM doing this. I want to create a FREE space for all to create their temple. I want to show what magic lies in our hands, how we can do more, and that we have the power to control our future.

My Name is Matthew Sommerhiser, i am from (Portland, Or) living with my family to give everyone the tools for a self sustainable hydration, energy, and focus. I feel these qualities together create an atmosphere of self awareness. We must all realize the health of our bodies, minds , and souls is predicated on our actions. What we decided to do this week was by far the craziest experience of both our lives. We decided to do.

We sold all the belongings that served no purpose.

I quit my job because it wasn’t as important as the move we were about to make. We believed we were going to go to New York to Vayner Media to see Gary Vee, but one week before we were gonna leave with enough resources to get there, Gary posted on Instagram that he would be in Hollywood, Ca, which was a crazy relief, because it gave us an opportunity to breathe with our resources to catch him on the West Coast.

Many emotions were tied to this trip and many hurtles had been crossed.

The opportunity to meet this humble man whom everyone thinks is outrageous, Motivational and out right turning the business world up side down was one in a million. With no real address in a city my family and I had no knowledge of. We have the power to direct our future. Please Find value in this video collaboration on our trip to LA and realize you can do more if you GO DO.

“Live As If You’ll Die”

FULL VIDEO ON YOUTUBE @worldzplayground

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