Let Me Remind You Fuckers Who I Am
Hillary Clinton [parody]

This is very interesting.

I’m pretty sure I’m leaning-religious, religio-sympathetic at the very least. And I see extremely clearly here, the marks of a really die-hard atheist.

But I am someone who really believes in fair play, and understanding of logic. I think if I were to finish cementing a religious belief, it would be towards Catholic, and if I don’t become a Catholic, I would definitely be an atheist. I don’t see much of options in between that make a heck ton of sense.

The kind of serious devotion to religion that brings out my respect for certain Conservatives — if this parody is in any way accurate about the parts of Hillary Clinton that I don’t personally know about yet myself cuz I haven’t researched her life — I can respect someone who is tired of bullshit and ‘claws their way into a system afraid of change’. I wish to be excited and in…awe….of change, like a poet. A fear but a love of it too. I try to accept change, but I reserve the right to the feeling, at least, of fear, because some feelings are just too beautiful and soul-moving.

I like LessWrong’s Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality and I like Rankin-Baas’ Flight of Dragons, as much as I like the Chronicles of Narnia and the Lord of the Rings.

I can respect someone who is willing to follow what I would call the religion of atheism to the bitter conclusion and is willing to *do what must be done*.

My current view of Hillary Clinton is that I don’t know what to think of her morality, but I *do* know she’s a stone-cold badass, of a similar mold perhaps to Vladmir Putin, and Donald Trump is maybe a clever bastard, but clever in the same way the little shits on XBox Live are capable of organizing teams and being clever little shits, but that’s not as much to their credit, really, no.

Lots of people are categorically unwilling to vote for Clinton because of they perceive her to be a criminal. In all the fictional movies and books of what it might be like to be President in a dangerous world, though, Clinton comes across as, well, more Presidential than most. I think I like Cruz too, but I don’t know him. And well, he’s less scary, so I’m not sure how much I trust him.

The author of this parody needs to know that we *don’t* all want the same things, at all, if they didn’t know that already, and I don’t just mean that Donald Trump is a little dick. I mean that even when the only people left in the room are all serious people, some people are opposites.

My idea of a Better World is one where Everyone has a Right to be Feared. One where, if it comes to it, Anyone can Fight for what they think is Right, no holds barred. If Samurai Jack taught me anything, it’s that the Donald Trump types, even given that allowance, won’t really be much of a problem for the real legit True Jedi Knights and True Sith Lords to handily trash.

He has no Dishiprin!