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For all the people out there who don’t believe the “shooters shoot” opener, I feel the need to defend and believe it. I just have to think about where the kid is getting his advice from. Do you think that kid thought of bringing the roses or chocolates or card on his own? No way. He either saw that shit in a movie or heard it from his family. Same could be true of the phrase. Imagine this: the kid is sitting at home, looking kinda bummed out. Mom walks up and says, what’s wrong? He explains, there’s this girl… Mom says, look honey, here is what you do. Enter the roses, chocolates, cards, etc. He runs the idea by Dad later too. His Dad says some form of: well buddy, “shooters shoot” or “you miss every shot you don’t take.” Its not about whether she says yes or not. But taking the chance has no negative value in the long term. Either she says no, and you stay where you are now, or, she says yes and you get what you want.

“Shooters Shoot.”

I believe that shit happened.

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