Fantasy Basketball Bold Reset

Fantasy basketball positions: PG, SG, SF, PF, C, Guard, Forward, Util, 5 bench spots

Scoring: Points 1, Rebounds 1.2, Assists 1.5, Steals 3, Blocks 3, Turnovers -1

Head-to-head. Weekly lineup sets. Ideally 16 teams. Half make the playoffs. Standings by win-loss record.

Bonus money for most points over the whole season for a team.

Auction Draft.

$40 Entry Fee.


No more time spent on mindless line-up setting. Meaningful strategic decisions every week. Extra drama on Sundays. More competitive. More incentive to make trades. Every team has a chance to win the championship every season. More engagement.

The biggest stumbling block with this format change is the shift away from keepers. We acknowledge that teams have spent time looking towards the future in the previous format. Sadly, we could not find a way to remove the trade deadline tradition where a failing team is willing to give up multiple superstars for a future keeper (and greatly impacting the fantasy playoffs). Although not every team did it, it was a broken system that we did not see a reasonable fix for. As an auction keeper basketball league, it was hard to make a last place team care about anything other than the players they could keep the next season. If we added more keepers, then draft day would end up as collateral damage. It felt like a no-win situation and, as a result, time for a change.

Hopefully this is a league format that owners care about and that makes following the NBA even more exciting. If not, we will keep tweaking next year.

Do everything you can to win. Make side-bets on your weeks. Talk to other league owners about your team. Make trade offers. Get competitive. Do the things that make fantasy basketball fun.