New ICIT Report Explains How To Crush The Health Sector’s Ransomware Pandemic

“Combating or limiting ransomware in any way shape or form gets the thumbs up from me. Any way it’s delivered, either through traditional methods or emerging techniques when it comes to stopping one of our most damaging and brutal forms of malware we see today we have to do all we can. With so many options available to both public and private companies of all sizes is they have to consider cost and knowledge. If you don’t know about the technology or are not aware of how it can help you then how can you buy it? Secondly of course you have to look at the cost, especially when it comes to the health sector. When the two choices are either to purchase a replacement machine to save people’s lives or invest the same money into a technology that may work in protecting you against an attack that might or might not come it’s hard to justify the latter!