Can You BOTH Exercise Your Will AND Find a Way to Listen to the Soul Signals?

How can these two fundamental forces co-exist, and, ideally, even invigorate you as you live your day-to-day life?

My will got me here to Bolivia, but my soul had some things to tell me once I got there.

Personally, I like to BOTH be able to exercise my will AND tap into spirit. It seems we human beings like to feel that we have some agency over how our life unfolds. And yet, to sometimes surrender to the synchronicity that our soul can bring and “float downstream” rather than forge a path based on our desire(s) is the smoothest way forward.

Also, we don’t really have a choice, at times. One of the non-negotiable elements of being alive are the unexpected, sudden events that wake us up to the reality that we’re not actually in control of the circumstances (or, our heart, for that matter).

One thing I’ve learned well in my forty two years living on this planet is that perhaps the only thing I can cultivate any kind of control over is where (and on what) I put my attention. So, how can we resolve the struggle between will and spirit? Well, consider that it is not actually a struggle. It only seems like one.

What if, instead, it’s about alternating attention. What if it’s one of those ”both/and” situations? What if you could BOTH cultivate your will (by clarifying intentions, goals and actions you are inspired to declare and take) AND learn to take time to turn up the volume on the messages you are receiving from your “better angels”?

It seems that goals can change, over time, as we tune in to a clearer and clearer signal from our souls.

One of the fastest ways to magnify the signal from your soul is in community. And, the great thing about the strongest communities is that they have room for individualism as well as collectivism. Did you notice the “I” in commun”I”ty? I believe, in order to generate the next epoch for humanity, we’ll need to BOTH strengthen ourselves as individuals AND realize the personal and collective benefit of ceding some of that personal power and energy we generate to others.

I’ve spent the better part of the past 20 years getting really good at “calling the shot” and then sinking the basket or hitting the home run (to use some American sports analogies). I’m clear that developing this skill has brought me a bunch of personal successs. It’s gotten me to where I am today (a published author, who’s lived in New York, London and Barcelona and impacted thousands of lives). And yet, now it’s time to re-remember another tried and true euphemism: there is no “I” in team.

I say a highly functioning human being is one who is BOTH forging their own path in the world AND holding a space for (and encouraging) others to find and then forge their path.

So, the emphasis is now on collaboration with other coaches and healers in offering retreats and new kinds of coaching experiences. And, with my co-presenter, on our radio show, I’m learning how we can inspire each other towards greater success than we could achieve on our own. I’m also organizing and leading group co-coaching programs to create the space for others to have the chance to see that sometimes the most efficient way to help yourself is to offer yourself (both as coach and coachee) to a group of similarly-focused seekers. Finally, I’m aligning myself with companies and organizations who are focused on finding consensus and serving humanity.

I’m answering the call of spirit to both participate in AND create conscious communities that exist to energize all who engage in them. In short, I’m harnessing my will in service to spirit. It’s a wild ride, but really, the only one that allows for the full experience of being alive.

And YOU? How are you currently managing the interplay between your will and spirit? Are you creating opportunities to both contribute to others AND be contributed to? Are you declaring goals AND being open to them shifting as you move towards them? If not, consider that you are swimming upstream and having less fun than you could be! ;P

I promise you, you can find your balance, for right now in your life, if you are willing to split your focus between what you want and what wants expression through you, for the good of all who hear your message. If that last sentence speaks to you, be sure to comment below or like this article.