“These bloody torches don’t light themselves!”

Prototype 2: Torch Lighter

In which we learn who lights the torches and I learn the pains of building 3D third person platformers.

Get it: here

The Code

(If you are uninterested in the technical minutia of programming I suggest you move on to the design and building section)

Designing and Building

As I mentioned earlier I originally aimed to build 10 levels for Torch Lighter. The idea was that each would be built to represent a different archetype of a level wherein torches might need to be lit. Coding the game logic took a lot longer this time around and I found myself quite behind schedule by Wednesday the 25th with six levels still needing to be built. I decided then to cut down my work load, reducing the ten planned levels to seven. This left me with four to build in three days, a much more manageable task.

The design for level 5
Level 7’s object hierarchy (Blame level 3’s removal for the incorrect level names!)

Learning Outcomes

My project scope was way out of whack on this one. I aimed to add far too much to this prototype, to a level of polish that would have been impossible to attain. I had to discard multiple levels as I didn’t have time to build them all or get them to the standard I wanted.

You won’t find this level in the game


A big thank you for reading this entry. It’s pretty long and I appreciate your time. I hope you find these break downs interesting, if there is any area you are interested in finding out more about then let me know and I’ll try to write it up. I’m pretty sure I know what the next prototype will be, it should be a little easier to build (famous last words) and hopefully will involve less last minute crunch! Thanks again!

Senior Ops Engineer for a startup. Believer in quality, innovation and diversity.

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