From what I understood, you’ve got a platform like snapchat, that is looking to monetize teens by…
George Hollis

We’re actually innovating on ad products and content creator revenue sharing, as well as public group chat and video sharing integration. You should probably poke around ZEN to understand the product more. We’re nothing like Snapchat. Our content is ad free, in fact, and we’ve already successfully introduced a non incentivized ad product unique to ZEN that we’re focused on scaling right now. We’ve been at this for a year and a half already (in the market, and many years longer when dealing with this demographic through other products we’ve built)- whatever you’re thinking in terms of obstacles, we’ve likely already faced and overcame, along with many others.

Like I said in the essay and my earlier responses, the kids are savvy and monetize social actions and digital services and products in underground exchanges. We’re building a marketplace to enable those transactions to move more quickly and with more transparency. Unless you’re in these markets and transacting with these kids as often as we do, I’d wait until after the ICO to really get a grasp on what we know. I shared an example transaction for an “ad” in the image at the top of the essay as an example.

The currency we’re creating will be earned by our users through growing the network (i.e. not purchase), used to attract the services users already use, and will be convertible into fiat via public exchanges because of an ICO. We’re adding tremendous value and changing the lives of our users. They tell us this every day. That is actually our mission.

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