Yes the title is in all caps. I mean, isn’t what people do on the internet to let everyone know about their rage?

Early this morning before my early shift (woke up before the rooster, even though I don’t own one..), I was checking my facebook to somehow wake up. (Probably should find a healthier wake up, but hey I’m a Millennial) I came across an old Nooma video that was on the their Facebook page. It happened to be about anger.

The gist of the video is a man who goes to the store to do some grocery shopping. He goes to park and a cart is in the parking spot he wants. So he’s visibly frustrated. The juice he wants is all out. He sees the 20 items or fewer line open up, moves over there and a lady with a kid gets in ahead of him and has way more than 20 items. To top it all off, the cashier is bungling the swiping of products. My frustration level woulda been through the roof had I experienced those things all in a row.

As would many of us I would presume.

In fact, I was frustrated for him when I was watching it. But the narrator (Rob Bell, you know the guy who a bunch of Christians cast out of their club…) talks about anger in a different light. He talks of Jesus getting angry at some religious leaders when a man who had a shriveled up hand came to get healed on a Sabbath. The Religious Leaders were telling the man to come back on a different day (as to not violate their Sabbath laws) and Jesus was angry with them.

Bell’s point was what happened directly after the text mentioned Jesus being angry. He turns the anger he had into helping a man in need. He saw an injustice and corrected it. When we are angry, what we do with that anger is the most important thing. We have 2 choices:

Do we explode and only have the explosion to show for our anger?
Do we take steps to right the wrong we experienced?

Too many times, I don’t explode upon the experience, I usually save it up for something totally unrelated. Which isn’t a good thing.

What makes you angry? What makes your blood boil to the point that you want to take action? To right a wrong?

If we aren’t pursuing the means to fix an injustice, we aren’t living to our full potential. I’m in a season of learning. I’m in a season of fully realizing what makes me angry. I’ve got a decent grasp on it, but I’m waiting for the time when I feel I can pursue it. Because I’m in an in-between season, I get a little fearful because of over thinking. I’m kind of an all or nothing person. God is teaching me to slow down, to trust Him, and follow the path Jesus is setting out for me step by step.

One thing I do know, I want to invite people to join the Jesus path. Not the hyper religious rule following Jesus, the Jesus who calls us to Love all. The hyper religious Jesus isn’t the real Jesus. Hyper religious Jesus is a creation of a rules based religion. (Just gave you a hint at what makes me angry…)

Comment what makes you angry, and what you are doing or not doing about it. Honesty is key and will lead us to action.

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