The UK tech scene has exploded over the past few years as companies break ground with many of their US and European counterparts. Companies such as Just Eat, Zoopla, Skyscanner and the Google-acquired Deep Mind have all seen great success.

This highly developed cluster of tech companies has led to many incubators, hatcheries, and accelerators appearing throughout the UK providing support and mentoring for companies from start-up to enterprise companies.


The UK has recently been ranked as the most entrepreneurial country in Europe by the GEI Indexand is now regarded as one of the largest and most mature hubs for tech companies across Europe.

The Global Entrepreneurship Index (GEI), which profiles and benchmarks the entrepreneurial ecosystems of 130 countries, also ranked the UK the fourth most entrepreneurial nation in the world beaten only by the US, Canada and Australia.

The study was carried out by researchers from London’s Imperial College Business School. The GEI uses 14 index pillars to benchmark and score other countries, such as start-up skills, networking and how well each country supports the entrepreneurial activity.


The improvement over the past few years has been linked to the support the UK now provides to entrepreneurs. This includes funding, grants and the various incubators being set up. One example of this is the UK government’s startup loan scheme, which provides loans, mentoring and advice to new startup businesses from across the UK. Entrepreneurs have seen investment of £120 million and the scheme is now on target to support 30,000 new businesses in the UK by 2015.

The UK’s entrepreneurial performance over the past few years has been linked to the improved environment for startups across the country. The tech scene in some of the UK’s biggest cities, including London, Manchester and Edinburgh Is growing at a rapid pace, driven by a combination of support from the UK government, increased visibility in the global tech market and an maturing venture capital ecosystem.



SwifKey has developed a mobile app that is available across both Android and iOS. The app allows users to input text without lifting their finger from the screen. SwiftKey uses artificial intelligence technologies that enable the app to predict what the user intends to type. The software will then learn from previous messages sent, including SMS which improves the output predictions.

Based in London, Swiftkey was founded in 2008 by Dr Ben Medlock and Jon Reynolds and now has over 160 staff with offices located in San Francisco and Seoul. In September 2013 Swiftkey announced 17.5m in series B funding which was led by Accel Partners, Index Ventures and Octopus Investments.

Switch Concepts

Based in Southampton, Switch Concepts prides a cloud-based managed service that allows online publishers to increase their revenues and online profitability. The company’s software uses decision-engine technology for a real-time bidding process and places over 1 billion adverts each day in more than 20 countries.

Switch Concepts’ customers include companies such as the AA, Racing Post, Kelkoo, Weight Watchers and Orange. Its core technology interprets browsing behaviour to select the right ads, a platform that provides scalability, availability, and a decision engine that integrates with analytics tools and automated trading.

Led by founders Julian Spector, 59, and Tom Barnett, 34, Switch Concepts saw sales hit £14.5m this year and has been named as the overall winner of this year’s Deloitte UK Technology Fast 50 ranking.


Avecto was founded by CEO Mark Austin and Paul Kenyon who is also their EVP of Global Sales.Avecto is based in Manchester with a US office in Boston and recently came second in the Deloitte UK Technology Fast 50.

Their award-winning solution was conceived when the founders spotted a gap in the market after leaving their roles at another global software company.

Avecto’s Privilege Guard technology allows firms to assign privileges to specific applications removing the need for organisations to apply user restrictions to employee accounts, providing the right balance between system security and user freedom.

Avecto’s mission is to help companies address their security control prerequisites while meeting their compliance requirements and the needs of their users, uniting IT departments and the internal users by breaking down the barriers and empowering employees to safely do more with their solutions


CloudSense is a cloud-based services company based in London. They also have offices in Leeds, Zagreb and New York. The company was founded by Richard Britton and Alex Fuller in 2009. Their platform allows over 150 customers globally to develop and deploy cloud-based services. Their customers include many global brands such as O2, BBC, BT, Orange and The Financial Times.

CloudSense offers the next generation of order capture and transaction platforms. Their purpose is to improve the transaction journey by offering sophisticated tools that bring simplification, personal context and consistency across every channel during the invoicing process, helping their clients to improve their customer transaction lifecycles.

In the past year the CloudSense has expanded into North America and quickly grown into a £16 million company with more than 115 employees across the globe.


Fairsail delivers the most advanced end-to-end HRMS platform (HR management system) which has been built on the cloud platform. Their HR systems have been developed to seamlessly connect with other internal systems and provide the next generation of HR technology for customers who require an efficient, collaborative and easy-to-use system that is also future-proof in terms of scalability.

Key features include recruiting & on boarding, collaboration between staff and employees, performance management and HR analytics and metrics. Fairsail has seen huge success, helping fast-growing mid-size organisations revolutionise the way they acquire, engage, develop and manage their people.

The company has seen rapid growth over the past 12 months leading them to be included in the Deloitte 2014 UK Technology Fast 50, providing recognition as one of the fastest growing tech companies in the UK. Their customers include names such as Betfair, Innocent, Aveva and Canonical.

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