An image of the number 5
An image of the number 5
Photo by Tony Hand on Unsplash

Working as a content strategist in a design agency, I’ve noticed some key insights, learnings and strengths that come with my content perspective. I’ve found that some of these techniques can be an oversight with other practices.

These 5 insights are tangible ways to apply content thinking to your skillset that often get missed:

  1. Harness the power of words — Use single-sentence statements in facilitation and alignment.
  2. Don’t forget the context — Work out what medium is right for your content.
  3. Apply standards — Use content rules in all parts of the design process.
  4. Remember the people — What’s the organisational impact of your content recommendations. …

Create an optimised workflow as part of your overall content strategy with this workshop that maps out who’s doing what.

Two sharpies against postits
Two sharpies against postits
Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Objectives of workflow workshop

The main goal of this workshop is to understand the current state process for all people involved in content production. How is your content conceive, who creates it, who reviews and approves, where and how does it get published and what happens to it afterwards.

You want to have a clear view of:

  • The tasks involved and the handover points
  • The people
  • The pain points or problems at each task
  • What’s working well within the workflow
  • The tools, templates, policy or system to support them.

Who needs to be there

Essentially anyone involved in the lifecycle of your content from trigger or idea through to archiving and deletion. …

Pause, think, reflect. It’s only natural we’re reactive to what’s in front of us but we must take time to understand the problem to properly fix it. These 5 tips are a reminder to push back, take some space and defend your strategic activities.

man looking at watch typing on laptop
man looking at watch typing on laptop
Photo by Brad Neathery on Unsplash

Say no.

Let’s get it out the way, it’s in every strategy book, blog and article but you need to say no more. They’ll always be something urgent or a task you need to complete. If you want to invest in a strategic project or a strategic way of thinking you need to create the time to do so.

This can be tough and if you’re not getting the traction, then small things like keeping one day free of meetings can optimise your time and give you the space to think.

Elevate don’t escalate the problem

People generally have a cognitive bias towards looking at and prioritising the most recent thing happening to them. As opposed to stepping back and analysing the situation. …


Matthew McCarthy

Content strategist, designer, UXer and aspiring sketcher.

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