An excerpt from my book I’m working on.


Describing my perceived first step onto the PCT, (Pacific Crest Trail), tba.


Vast straights await beneath this my gait.

For the many months ahead now that I will roam. I will also call this trail my home.

Earth’s own mansions were built upon this path so far and wide: mountains, trees valleys — chisled from the water, the wind, and the friction deep within.

Living things I’m sure to sense — so abundant.

Yet, I have read tales that most likely this journey will be blanketed with solitude and self confinement.

So here I stand — alone at this my door.

In a cloak of early desert mist — yet accompanied by a million voices I hear in my head.

All you have to do now, matthew.

Is simply, just take that first step.

520am, Campo, CA.

PCT, trail head.