Traits and Habits of Highly Successful People
I decided to start blogging as a result of wanting to expand my knowledge in specific areas and certain topics that sparked my interest. My aim in regards to my blog is to educate myself in each subject area thoroughly and also along the way help people who possess a similar mindset to continuously develop themselves.
However I not only want to study each topic in depth learning the ins and outs providing a detailed overview of what I have gained through each blog, I want to implement every new skill and piece of information into my own life. Yes, it may take a long time to research each topic area, however I see the time spent as an enjoyable learning curve. I want to be more intentional with what I study narrowing it down each week to one new topic relating to health, fitness and personal development.
Therefore there is no better way than to kick-start my first blog by examining the routines, habits and personality traits of extremely successful people, as I want to understand what sets them apart from all others and how they have achieved their success.
1. Goal setting
This can be defined as the process of identifying something that you want to accomplish and establishing measurable objectives that can help you achieve these goals within a certain time frame.
“Success is something you attract by the person you become” — Jim Rohn
Successful people don’t walk blindly through the path of life, they create a map to help them get to where they want to go. This map that successful people use is the goals that they set for themselves daily, weekly, monthly and yearly constantly accomplishing and reviewing them to spark motivation to continue.
Having goals in your head is great, however by writing your goals down it makes the goals real and provides no excuse for forgetting them especially if you put them somewhere where you will see them daily. Everyone has goals in life to some extent , however people fail to achieve their goals because they label these as dreams, waiting for the perfect time and place to execute them or fabricating a reason as to why they can’t achieve them.
Successful people apply a strategy called “reverse engineering” whereby they clarify and establish a goal that they want to achieve, and work backwards from this goal in order to connect the dots as to how they will progress from one stage to the next. However they don’t just plan out how they will achieve their goals, they take action to execute their plans!
“Progress is the ultimate motivator” — Tony Robbins
I have set some goals for myself for the first time this year, career, personal and health orientated and I have to say it has motivated me through days were I just didn't feel like doing anything. One of my goals this year is to enter my first Men’s Physique competition in August. The end goal in sight has helped me to concentrate more efficiently on the day to day activities in order to achieve this goal, to go the gym on days that couldn't be bothered, to eat 5/6 meals per day tracking my food on a consistent basis. Thus I can personally vouch that goal setting really does work, as it is working for me at the moment and I can bet it would work for you too.
2. Waking up early & having a morning routine
If you wake up 2 hours earlier every day for one year you will have an extra 30 days. I heard this knowledge bomb when driving to university one day listening to one of Jamie Alderton’s Snapchat stories. This has been enough to get me up earlier each day, yes there are days were I lay in bed past a reasonable hour, however the feeling you get by rising early knowing you have given yourself the best chance to be productive that day is second to none.
So just putting this into perspective, say you are 20 years old right now and you live to be 80, if you rise 2 hours earlier every day than you are required to in order to make work, university or any other commitment you will add almost 5 years to your life so that you can get sh*t done. Think of the things you could accomplish with these extra 5 years!
Successful people have adapted the “mind over mattress” trait, meaning they control the inner voice in their head that tries to persuade them to go back to the comfort of their bed.
Do you ever get voices in your head competing for your attention? Well I certainly do especially when I have just gotten up… voices saying “you went to bed too late to be up this early” and “just 5 more minutes.” Well what differentiates successful people from others is that they don’t listen to these voices, they act based upon their standards as opposed to their emotions.
A morning routine seems to be the single most important factor that impacts a successful person’s day. Tony Robbins an extremely successful entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker has a morning routine that consists of breathing exercises and meditation, expressing gratitude for certain things in his own life, as he says “when you are grateful you can’t be angry and you can’t be fearful.” And finally praying to seek strength and wisdom, he classes it as a spiritual exercise that doesn't necessarily have to be linked to religion.
The vast majority of the successful people I follow through various social media platforms all perform these things during their morning routines
1. Meditate & Stretch
2. Affirmations and giving thanks
3. Perform exercise
4. Plan out their day, writing their 3 most important tasks for that day (MIT’s)
5. Read & listen to audio books and podcasts
Currently my morning routine goes like this —
Get up at 6am
Eat breakfast, drink green tea
Watch a motivational video on YouTube
Meditate for 10 minutes with the help of the “Calm” app (really trying to get better at this)
Map out and plan my entire day stating my Most Important Tasks (MIT’S) for that day
Take notes for 30 minutes on a current book I am reading in relation to personal development
Research and blog for 30 minutes
I am just playing around with certain things to find what works best for me to set myself up for the most productive day possible. It will take time to find your miracle morning routine, however the only way you will find it is if you take action and start implementing these things into your morning.
I really want to get around to reading the book “The Miracle Morning” by Hal Elrod, what I know about it from reading my current personal development book “6 Months to 6 figures” is that it is a manual of how to win at life by setting yourself up every morning with the perfect routine. Check it out if its something that you might be interested in.
3. Absolute clarity about what they want, who they are and what they are going to do
Steve jobs said a powerful statement that has always stuck with me when I first heard it at the age of 17. “You have got to find what you love, the only way to do great work is to love what you do” The majority of successful people have found out what they are best at, played to their strengths and pursued a career that they are passionate about. Yes, they do have days where they lack motivation, drive and intensity for what they do, however they have a view of the bigger picture in mind, in regards to what they want to accomplish by putting the work and hustle in day in and day out.
Everyone has clarity in life to a certain extent, however many people aren't sure how to find out who they truly are, what they love doing and what they want to achieve in life. I personally am still on my own path in life trying to answer these questions. However all I can say is take action, don’t procrastinate and hope one day the answer will fall onto your lap, go out and experience new things, challenge yourself in situations that bring you out of your comfort zone and educate yourself daily.
“There is a redemptive power that making a choice has, rather than feeling that you are at affect of all the things that are happening in your life, make a choice! Just decide what it’s going to be, who your going to be and how your going to do it! Just decide! — Will Smith
4. Hustle, hustle and some more hustle
All the successful people I have followed all have one main thing in common. What is that you may ask? You probably know the answer. Will Smith put it into words better than anyone else for me, he said that he doesn't view himself as particularly talented, where he excels is having a ridiculous and sickening work ethic, when everyone else is sleeping, he is working, when everyone else is eating he is working.
It seems to the public eye that all successful people have almost achieved overnight success, however what others don’t see is the constant graft, hustle and work put in by these people for 5,10,15 and even 20 years before gaining success. For 99% of people the definition of hustle is showing up to their work 10 minutes early during a 9–5 job 5 days per week and leaving 5 minutes later than expected. However to the other 1% 9–5 is only half of their working day, there is the remaining hours throughout the day that highly successful people focus on and perfect their skill and work upon their craft.
A great statement made by Gary Vaynerchuck, a famous entrepreneur and a guy everyone within all aspects of business is listening to at the moment is “stop waiting for perfect, there is never going to be the perfect time to do anything.”
Therefore if you get one thing out of this blog it is to take action upon certain goals within your life, find out what it is you love doing and pursue this, don’t wait for the perfect time, setting or plan. Yes, include all of the other strategies and utilise as many habits as you can to achieve your objectives, however these strategies, habits and ways and means of getting sh*t done are only as good as the action you can take upon them. As procrastination is as the thief of time, so don’t let it steal yours!