Prominent advocacy groups are calling on data companies to take this pledge.

Taking the Pledge: Big Data and Human Rights

The Electronic Frontier Foundation, Amnesty International, Color of Change, the Center for Democracy and Technology, and other prominent advocacy groups recently issued a joint statement urging data companies to take a stand against government surveillance and discrimination based on religion, national origin, and immigration status.

The coalition asked the technology community to make the following pledge and share the steps they’re taking to ensure their activities do not lead to human rights abuses.

Inflection embraces the intention of this effort and is aligned with its values. We hereby make the pledge:

We will not allow our data, or services, to be purchased or otherwise used in ways that could lead to violations of the human rights of Muslims or immigrants in the United States. If we cannot guarantee that our data, or services, will not ultimately be used for such purposes, we will refuse to provide them.
Matthew Monahan
Chief Executive Officer, Inc.

We’ve taken the following steps for responsible data stewardship and the protection of human rights for our friends, users, and fellow global citizens:

  • We disclose information about government data requests we receive in our Transparency Reports and publish our policy for responding to requests in our Law Enforcement Guidelines.
  • We publish and adhere to Privacy Principles that guide our actions in pursuit of our mission to build trust online.
  • As a Certified B Corp, we commit to using the tools of business as a force for good. We respond to the needs of all stakeholders, not just shareholders, with consideration for economic, social, and environmental outcomes.

We look forward to seeing more companies join this pledge.

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