Do The Work

You want some advice?


That’s it. There are no fancy-schmancy procedures or mantras.


There are no shortcuts my friends. Any and all stories you might have heard about the “overnight success” are shit.

It’s does not work like that. Check the groundwork and peep the foundation of all those mo-fo’s, and you’ll see that they were doing a lot before they ever got “discovered”.


It’s just that simple.

You want some steps? OK. I’ll give you some fucking steps.

Step 1: Don’t Stop

Whatever it is that you like to do, want to do or are continueing to do… Keep doing it.

Everyday. Every single day. Don’t stop. Ever.

The problem with that for a lot of people is there is no instant gratification.

People want to win. Everyone wants to win but it takes time yo. It takes fucking time. Just because you create something and put that shit out in your social feeds doesn’t mean you’re gonna get a reply with multiple job offers and a fat check. Dude! You got to keep going. You got to keep creating. This ain’t fucking Dominos. You don’t just call in an order for “success” and wait 20 minutes for a hot pie to arrive.


Step 2: Network.

Yo, this ain’t that exchange of handshakes, business cards and smiles kind of networking either. I mean real deal networking man. You got to be in the mix with a lot of positive, energetic and like-minded people. Anyone and everyone that is affiliated with your field of work that can help you in someway or another.

- Co Creators

- Publicists

- Graphic Designers

- Agents

Whoever you feel that can help move you forward in the direction of where you’re trying to go, connect man.


Although being in grind mode doing the work and mashing hard is great and necessary — your craft, your business, your art, your talent or whatever can not be heard or seen if it’s just staying within your own creative world and social platforms. You need to step outside of your boundaries and share your work there as well. As the classic saying goes…

“It’s not what you know, it’s who you know”.

That is the realest shit ever dude. Go out and explore outside of your norm.


Step:3 (last step) Evaluate Yourself

I recently went to see Ryan Holiday speak the other day at meet and greet here in Austin about his new book “Ego Is The Enemy”. (good read btw so check it out!) He mentioned that he’s come to find, that a lot of people aspire to be something — in his example a “writer” are often more in love with the idea of being a writer rather than actually being a writer.

Meaning, that those people might just want to live a writer “lifestyle”. The open hours, working out of coffee shops and probably wearing non prescription reading glasses.

And so my point is, whatever it is that you’re trying to accomplish, you need to actually be that person. Take the time to get a real evaluation of yourself to find out of what you’re trying to do is something that you actually want. You can save so much time, effort, energy and money if you truly know what it is that you want.

In that particular example, the case might be that the person is just wanting the life of an open schedule of a freelance/entrepreneur lifestyle and doesn’t necessarily want to be an actual writer. Because if indeed you are a “writer” and when you actually sit down to get write, and 9 times out of 10 you have no idea what to write…chances are you don’t really have anything to say. Get it?

So in conclusion, find out what it is that you love to do and don’t stop doing it. Network your butt off and occasionally evaluate and reevaluate yourself. Our passions and interests occasionally change from time to time so it’s nothing but beneficial to check your self quarterly or whenever the fuck works bests for you.

Do The Work.

A note to self,

Matthew Naderi

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