On Mindset

What’s up world?!

I’ve recently started a new project for the upcoming year that am fully focused and excited about. First off, I’m a DJ and Producer living in Austin Texas. I’m steady spinning at my residencies throughout town as well as producing/co-hosting a mix show called “Viberoom” on The Beat Junkie station on Dash Radio. But on the flip of all that, as I mentioned early I’ve been working on something new.

I’ve never publicly shared my interests and views outside of my “DJ work” so I wasn’t really sure how to share this new venture of mine. This fear felt like having to tell your parents that you’re failing in school or maybe having to tell a friend that you’ve fucked up something important.

What the hell am I doing?
Where has the time gone?
Where the fuck will I be five years from now?

I found myself asking these questions everyday for months then it hit me, I needed more meaning. I wanted the work I was contributing to the world to not only benefit myself but others as well. I want to spread an awareness of purpose, opportunity and value.

And so, the “On Mindset” podcast was a born. The idea behind this particular project is to genuinely connect with artists, professionals and experts; digging deeper than your typical interview by sharing their stories and exploring their creative process and mindset. Ultimately, I feel that I’m doing more work that matters.

With four episodes complete and more to come, I hope listeners get as much value from these conversations as I do. So, with future interviews and new blog posts, I invite you to rethink life from a different perspective; risk something new and outside the norm.



Matthew Naderi (aka DJ BOUNZ)

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