Intelligence is a capacity that our species evolved in order to out-survive and out-thrive other competing organisms
Free Your Mind And The World Will Follow
Caitlin Johnstone

Caitlin, your relaxed and lucid style is exemplary, especially when discussing quite complex matters.

At risk of seeming spiritual even metaphysical, I suggest you consider “intelligence” beyond the physical life-span of individual organisms. If we define higher “intelligence” as at once a collective or communal activity and beyond the organism’s natural lifespan i.e., potentially eternal, then we can avoid “wisdom” as a separate KPI and fit it quite well into the higher planes of intelligence.

For example, if you or I slaughtered away successfully at hedge-funding or by covering the Establishment’s arse as obedient, lying apparatchiks, we would be demonstrating “intelligence”, no doubt: no bluefin tuna or even orang utan can perform such feats of sophisticated predation and scumbaggery (and thank God for that!).

However, if we communicate positive and helpful ideas and other information in ways which others remember us after we die, then that is already into higher intelligence territory. Your own stuff, for example, has already altered the thoughts and attitudes of many, and will survive your own passing, thereby helping that greater collective task of “out-survive and out-thrive”. By way of comparison, and I’m sure you won’t regard this as a surprise or butt-kissing, single articles of your own writing are far more useful, interesting and of enduring value than whole books of turgid pomp by say George Soros or party luminaries like Bob Carr.

But if after we die, on the other hand, and others remember us quite poorly for our hedge-funding or other corporate corruption — as they may well do about Messrs Soros and Carr - and we have squat-all else as works in this World - then the scale or ledger of “intelligence” would rather cancel out the temporary worldly achievements, perhaps even relegating us into “dumbass” country.

Anyway, if you haven’t seen it I thought you might find interesting this bit of agitation by Steele:

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