Twitter Is Using Account Verification To Stifle Leaks And Promote War Propaganda
Caitlin Johnstone

LOL, “need to make an example of the leaker” eh Skippy? As if the real mountains of dirt on Skippy Podesta et al were kiddie pr0n images confined to some hard drives. Maybe they wish! But despite the fake, spurious effort to discredit Assange and WL as fake news, those “Trump supporter talking points” can still often signpost the actual forward edge of the battle area here, or the sound of the guns fired in this ongoing fight.

Tsk tsk, things are getting rather desperate. No, it’ll be taped interviews, phone and transaction records, deep web chats, DNA, and reams of other affidavit material-and way beyond the circumstantial connections to such luminaries as brother Tony or Lucian Freud, for example

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