Identity totally controls the sorts of rights people do or don’t have
As I came to really understand international affairs, as they relate to people, I would often say…
Amber Lisa

No it does not, unless you want it to, and “identity” is not “politics” unless you want it to be. Sure there are correlations, but they are not definitive, total conditions by any means; even totalitarians and Apartheid perverts stumbled with non-conformist mixed and fringe identities despite their most pompous efforts at discrimination. No, protection and exercise of rights are truly political and legal processes wherein most non-citizen-based “identity” status instead just contaminates with the divisiveness even destructiveness of discriminatory injustice. Even my preferred nationalist and republican (note: not GOP) emphasis on your American identity does not suggest that such identity become the very definition of your own politics either: it would merely define practical and fair administrative, geographical and demographic limits to the pursuit and exercise of your rights.

By the way, I’m outside of America and I’m not “going to hate Americans” as you might suggest. I find my own country’s Deep State creeps disgusting enough without reserving special hostility for yours. However, I note that your American polity and its culture (with some help from Wikileaks and my compatriot Assange) have still amazingly managed to put your Deep State filth on display for all to see; no such luck with our own here in Australia as they skulk away in hiding and only the most fleeting and coded of public info to reveal any of their many crimes and misdemeanors. More reason yet to celebrate and reassert your own national political traditions and ideals.

Similarly, I’m not a slave, and neither are you, despite all the surreptitious means deployed by oligarchy (chiefly debt and inflationary destruction) to compel us into such a desperately servile and dependent identity.

I think you’ll find on closer examination that notional “caste” usually better equates as the usual “class” issue on folks from South Asia (notwithstanding the residue of that primordial silliness) just as with every other ethnicity, but please don’t let some rude snobs, of whatever background, intrude on your political consciousness and its most important, useful identity i.e., as a citizen. Beyond the “race” politics (a term I abhor and use very guardedly and reluctantly), I believe Cynthia McKinney has kicked Empire’s fat arse by simply not playing its divisive and imprisoning game — there is no way someone like Cynthia could even imagine slave status, despite what’s been done to her.

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