Hmm… Corporate Media Now Turning On Antifa As Police Militarization Increases
Caitlin Johnstone

OK, but some bigger-picture context needed here too: the Global bankers’ debt regime is set to blow way bigger than ever, and neither Wall Street-London hedge funders nor their Chinese boutique-apparatchik counterparts have any real clue or care to prevent it but, most worrying to them is the resurgence of popular national sovereignty against the tyranny of private finance now exposed more than ever since the 2008 Bail Out. The Antifa fantasists have been useful to that Regime, and are well-funded, have no doubt, but they will stay useful as a source of plausibly deniable dirty tricks — all in much the same manner as many agents provocateur and assassins (not patsies) of the past. In fact, their common enemy is national sovereignty and the natural goal of peoples to reassert local control over currency and repudiate the private criminal a.k.a. corporatist grip on state finance via the private cartels in the central banks.

However, in this sense of intensified anti-sovereign terror and false flag ruses the Antifa fantasists’ roles are precisely the same as those of bogus whitey-white shape shifters like Jason Kessler at Charlotte, “KKK” crisis actors or neo-nazis but in different garb or, to paraphrase Antifa’s Fabian handlers: “fascists in anti-fascists’ clothing”.