Granted: it became a single party state within months
No, that was low-hanging fruit.
Abel Cohen

Perhaps the most obvious difference was the deployment of armed political violence, terror, a vicious coup d’etat attempt and assassinations all starting by the early 1920s — that’s all around a decade before your “took nearly a decade” bollocks. And to throw some rotten egg on your lame effort at comparison — if such decoration were needed — it’s perhaps best to observe whence such comparable violent extremism is happening since inauguration.

The Enabling Acts, “Reichstag Fire” Decree, first and second Gleichschaltung acts, and the Special Courts got going from Feb — Apr 1933 and by July all totalitarian, undemocratic absolutism was in place, with unions banned, mass arrests, flying concentration camps already set up very fast on (mostly) SA initiative and all covered in fascist law, and all without any actual election victory, but only later a weak coalition majority after getting the bulk of dictatorial anti-democratic law through first. From 1933 it was real quick, and most of the rest was just for accelerating the more outrageous criminality, and even just legalistically formalizing it after the fact.

So yes, “almost a decade” is bullshit, just like your other smear-insinuations and libels from your vile “fake history” comparison. And that’s without even touching on your apparently deafening silences about the pre-Trump war crimes in the Mid East, and the mass theft and fraud of the Bail Out/QE crimes