ITP Camp 2017

Matthew Ortega
Oct 19, 2017 · 7 min read

Day 1

Getting ready for my first day at ITP. About to head out to be in the space, but starting things out with doing the Safety workshop. Surprisingly, now that I have a woodshop, I feel like I am interested in making some cool furniture. Let’s see where today takes me.

Day 2

The two classes that I took yesterday were Body Scanning and Machine Learning & Neural Networks. While the first was interesting, until I get into more 3D applications, I have trouble imagining how I can use it. On the other hand, many artists are using Machine Learning and exploring how it can influence there practice. After that, I was playing around with the Kinect and finally got it working.

Day 3

Yesterday we got started with 3d printing, but I ended up skipping the second class to focus more on Kinect stuff, and also reviewing what we went through in the previous classes. My rule should be that I need to have hands on whatever I learn, just so that it sinks in. Just doing that exercise was enough, but if you don’t it stays within the area of insecurity and things seen but not done.

Day 4

Day 5

Getting setup with using Cordova to access iPhone sensors in our p5.js sketches. Afterward we brainstormed as a group and came up with an idea called the Forget Journal.

Day 6

Started off with setting up basic sensors with natural materials like water and plants using ADCTouch library for Arduino. This definitely gave me a bunch of ideas of how to prototype interactive experiences on the go.

Day 7

Getting setup with projection mapping. We decided to meet as a group and see what each of us could bring to a collaborative project. Here we are trying to get our Processing sketches into Madmapper using Syphon and Kinect. Definitely some interesting things to come.

Day 11

Busy day working with the kinect. Took some time out to sit in on 360 video sessions in Processing and learning about the early days of VR. Also started to explore with bending 2d images with 3d forms, with some interesting results.

Day 12

Hands on with the CNC. Not sure if I will get to using it this time around. But will definitely try to come up with some ideas for next year.

Day 13

Working on some laser cutter prints from some cube grid Processing sketches I’ve worked on.

Day 14

Getting together exploring ways to combine Processing, 3d Fabrication, and Projection Mapping. Spent part of the day over at Washington Square Park.

Day 15

Field trip to PS1, a much needed break from a couple of intense weeks. Saw some a some really cool pieces by Ian Cheng built in Unity, and endlessly generating landscape. Also saw some cool Veranoi structures in the court yard.

Day 16

I started to experiment again with the way that he wraps things around 3d forms might be a good way to integrate into my own project. What weird shape and texture could I wrap around and animate in processing.

Day 17

Why are accidents so good. Trying to get back to my hands by painting some of the designs I’ve been coming up with. I like the idea of moving between digital and physical processes, to see what forms emerge.

Day 18

Was finally able to figure out my collage sketch, removing unwanted backgrounds and having it dynamically adjust the images selected. Also, there is a way to preview the image before using it to paint, doesn’t work totally well, but I think I might be able to figure out my own solution.

Day 20

Cool night at ITP trying to fill the entire room with Projection Mapping. Good collaboration with the group.

Day 21

Spent most of the day preparing for teaching my first session on how to use Midi and Osc controllers to interact dynamically with Processing Sketches. Was really happy with the turnout, and everyone seemed to catch on pretty easily.

Day 23

Yesterday I spent most of the day preparing for my teaching session. I was teaching people how to use generative sounds for the projects using field scraper.

Day 24

Opening up to the world of shaders. Great workshop on getting setup, but also feel kind of lucky that coding a shader is already pretty similar to java, don’t have to learn another language!

Day 25

Attempting to mimic some of the behaviors of the processing sketches I’ve been working on in paint. Afterward, I have been pulling these same brush strokes and shapes back into my sketches.

Day 26

I have been working on the final project for ITP, basically exploring using the Kinect sensor for some of my ideas. Will post the final results next.

Day 27 — Final Showcase

A couple of shots from the final day at ITP Camp. Came across a little trouble, but was pretty satisfied with the reception and with how things came. Over all, the experience for one month was pretty intense, learning a ton of stuff, but was happy that I was also able to work on a main project on the side. Looking forward to next year. Will post a video of this project shortly on the projects page.

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