Process Berlin: Part 1

Process Berlin

A few months ago, I felt like I had reached a dangerous position with my work. Though I have reached a level that I have become confident of my skills as a interactive designer, the projects I had been taking on had the feeling of becoming repetitive and unchallenging. That is when I decided that I need to throw a wrench into the gears. My knowledge of interactive design and code needed to merge with my long love of artmaking and sound. I had been dabbling with Processing.js for a few months as a way to explore the bridge between the two, and then decided to take the leap to dedicate some serious time to creating an in-depth approach, and hopefully shift my career into developing more creative projects.

As part of this shift, I decided to sign up for Hacker Paradise, a 1-month remote working program that is currently based in Berlin, but that moves around the world at the end of each 4-week period. During this time I will be full-throttle on learning advanced Processing techniques, while also exploring ways to connect digital artwork with physical artmaking techniques. At the end of the period, I will also hope to launch a new studio that will focus on the same. So far I have reached Day 2 of the program and am excited for what the month will bring. For updates on my progress and generated ideas, feel free to follow me on Facebook, Instagram or Tumblr.


Originally published at Matthew Ortega.