Towards a Liberal Arts Computer Science
Saber Khan

Thanks for pushing this conversation forward.

I appreciate how your grounded this in your own education and the lack of ethics discussions in your education. I am finding that the values I learned in the humanities courses that I studied “for fun” in college are proving as useful (or more so) than any technical or professional training that I have received since. Lately, the human side of technology has been the most vital component of working in ed-tech. The issues that you’ve raised here have given me some more food for thought in that direction.

The essential questions that you provided feel spot-on for this moment when we are presented with so many pressing questions about our technology, media, and ethics. Not only from the surprising presidential election result, but also the ongoing concerns (wikileaks, Snowden, Apple vs. FBI, and social medias influence on politics, to name a few).

I have the sense that I’ll be referring back to this post many times in the coming weeks as I prepare my own unit for tenth grade students to investigate some of these issues.