Photo by Stephen J. Serio, Crain’s Chicago Business. 2018.

For Beth Grabowski, it all started by skipping a nap.

Now the Senior Director of Marketing at Shedd Aquarium and recent Crain’s 40 under 40, Grabowski’s career started off by attending a workshop she was relatively uninterested in at the time: professional sports marketing.

The event led to a career filled with sports at the collegiate and professional level: consulting, teaching and helping lead the athletic department back at her alma mater Northwestern, creating the entire White Sox business analytics department from scratch, and now leading marketing efforts for Shedd, one of Chicago’s most famous landmarks with approximately 2 million…

A story written from my fifth month as a writer for TheLeagueNews, this article is another exact replica from one of my articles for the site.

This piece was a strong example at the time for myself about TLN’s potential growth; my Derrick Rose story only received 163 views, but this one reached 565 views in a little under a week. Thanks to an increasing social media presence and understanding of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), this trend was only going upward.

The article you’re about to read is one of my older pieces at TheLeagueNews. Unfortunately, digging through archives and Google can only get me a select couple of pieces. I’ve left the article in its exact form as when it was posted on October 7th, 2013. This was during my third month as a writer for the website.

As you’ll likely notice, my writing wasn’t even close to perfect in the moment. Although it dramatically improved over time, I think this depicts the deeper message of how TheLeagueNews was so effective: carefully thought out and well-planned marketing. Enjoy the piece!

TheLeagueNews tells a story that had a profound impact on my life, and yet evidence of my experience almost disappeared.

TheLeagueNews was an NBA sports website that went from nothing to a total of 1.7 million views in a little over two years. It undeniably had a profound impact on my life, who I am as a person, and what I want my journey to be moving forward. And yet, the website — all my work, experiences, growths, failures — nearly disappeared from the face of the earth entirely.

My journey with TheLeagueNews (TLN) was an epic one. I began as a writer only posting articles, but over time, as my passion and interest grew, so did my role with…

Matthew Price

Passionate about following passions. “Life is 25% about finding yourself, and 75% about creating it.” — Tim Ferriss

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