As a thought experiment, let me replace some words in your anecdote:
Justin Walters

“Anyone who is trying to champion capitalism has never lived under it, in the 2020’s people would die in winter because fuel and gas were too expensive, crops would rot in the fields because farmers were sued into submission by Monsanto. “

Monsanto is not a state owned company you are not forced to do business with them.

Percy Schmeiser knew damn well he was trying to pull a fast one when he saved RR canola to replant.

Moe Parr was a seed cleaner who intentionally deceived his customers into believing that it was OK for them to save RR soybeans in violation of their agreements with the company. Read the injunction against him, it’s easily read in a few minutes, he’s no hero: [pdf]

The most recent headline case was Vernon Bowman. He bought soybeans from an elevator that could legally sell soybeans for feed but not for planting and planted them for a late season second planting, thinking he had found a loophole, he started saving the RR seeds. He had been using RR seeds under agreement for his first planting so he knew damn well what how the patent agreement worked.

All the farmers that have been in the headlines regarding lawsuits in the media kept seeds in violation of the contact they signed.

Nothing to do with capitalism.

“Under Trump, nobody could complain because they feared the NSA.“

Again nothing to do with capitalism, the capitalism police dont come arrest you for speaking out against capitalism.

I’m not saying that any of that is definitely going to happen, but it seems plausible, doesn’t it?


Now, I didn’t make this post to complain about Trump or capitalism. I just wanted to point out that what your Romanian friend is describing has nothing to do with socialism. Your friend is describing a poorly managed totalitarian dictatorship.

When Nicolae Ceaușescu was executed he died singing the international,

“Stealing from capitalism is not like stealing out of our own pockets. Marx and Lenin have taught us that anything is ethical, so long as it is in the interest of the proletarian class and its world revolution.”

He was a socialist, stop making the tired “that is not real socialism” argument.

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