Matthew Reyes
Mar 24, 2017 · 1 min read

Hey Sean,

Great stuff here. A few thoughts:

  1. I see no way this isn’t directed at Big Sean at least mostly (maybe with more Drake shade thrown in). We’ve been waiting for a response since “No More Interviews.”
  2. Four part suite? I don’t hear it personally, where are the four sections? What am I missing? Unless you meant the fact that it’s called “The Heart Part Four,” that’s because it’s the fourth in the Heart series, the last of which came out right before Good Kid.
  3. I doubt this is going to be on the album since The Heart Part 3 similarly announced Good Kid at the end of that track and because he announces April 7th as the album date, it would sound super weird for that line to be on the album itself. And considering his albums tend to be self contained stories (and his recent discussions of his new record have me leaning towards that again for the new record), I’m sure this is like “Control,” “Untitled 2,” etc. Verses that wouldn’t make sense in a story. But “King Kunta” contradicts that, so maybe I’m wrong.

Anyway, great stuff Sean!!!!

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