Jeb’s Foreign Policy Experience

The Boston Globe, 14 December 2015: “Bush has acted as an emissary for his presidential father and brother, traveling with then-secretary of state Colin Powell to tour a tsunami-damaged Indonesia in 2004. On Christmas Day in 1988, shortly before his father was inaugurated, Jeb Bush flew to Armenia and presented gifts to children affected by an earthquake. Bush also spent part of his 20s living in Venezuela, working for Texas Commerce Bank. He undertook 15 foreign trade missions during eight years as Florida’s governor.”

Reuters, 20 April 2015: “Bush has been on 89 foreign trips to 29 countries and six continents since he left the governor’s office in Florida in 2007.”

Bloomberg Politics, 23 December 2015: “Jeb Bush, the onetime GOP front-runner, is one of the few candidates willing to signal a moderate approach to China. He understands the importance to Chinese leaders of saving face. On a business trip in 2013, he found himself having to explain why they shouldn’t be offended that First Lady Michelle Obama had decided not to join her husband to meet with President Xi and his wife on their visit to California that year.”

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