One of the TNT play by play guys made this same case for Marcus Smart.
Sean McCarthy

I will fight for Marcus Smart like he fights for the Celtics.

Seriously, haters need to stop the Smart hate and realize that the Celtics are INCREDIBLY FORTUNATE to have him. Use your brains and realize his all-around game is more valuable than simple offensive statistics. The shooting percentage argument is TIRED, and barely relevant. Also, please understand he’s only 23, and somehow is only going to get better and better (yes, at shooting, too).

Smart is simply a WINNER. Throughout the season, no one made more winning plays than Marcus. Last night, more of the same. Winning matters, right?

Smart is the PERFECT CELTIC, and should be one for life. I know Danny Ainge, Brad Stevens, and ALL his teammates would never dream of replacing what he brings to the table… and now it’s time for everyone to recognize and respect him the same way.

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