when you look at all the small number of people in actual medicine and then the huge number in…
Hoss Hoss

Unfortunately the current system’s long standing denial of access and adequate prevention care has created populations of chronically ill-persons of numbers which cannot be accurate calculated. This lack of access and affordability are reflected in what calculation render extra medical support superfluous. Undoubtably there will be the need for non-medicine personnel to develop better treatments, devices, business models and handle the administrative end.

Important to emphasize is that the true number of persons requiring care can only be known when greater accessibility and prevention care are more pervasive. My suspicion is that the numbers are much greater than the current reflections. Only when the culture changes and persons of the fee-for-service model have been effectively treated can we project a healthcare system which requires fewer professionals. It’s like anything else — the longer you wait to fix it, the more expensive and extensive the correction method. The first wave of sick persons in the quest to correct the health culture and provider system will be super expensive and require all hands on deck.