What Would You Write If You Couldn’t Stop?

Earlier this week, one of my favourite tweeps, Nick Frost, drew my attention to a site ominously called “The Most Dangerous Writing App.”

I clicked the link, and was welcomed by the following homepage:

Seemed simple enough. I clicked “Start Writing”…

One day when I was a child I thought that the sea was made of lava even though I understand that obviously that wasn’t the case when I first saw a sea shark not on fire.

Yes, those were the days I didn’t have a care or a share in the world. Yes, those were the days when I was running out of ideas and I don’t know how much longer I’ll be able to write like this. Help!

I thought that the year in which the last dragon was slain would have been celebrated a little bit more merrily. There were far too many drib and drab people, even though I realise that ‘drib and drab’ doesn’t really apply to a lot of people who aren’t celebrating.

I can’t wait to read this nonsense. I believe it may bring a smile to an already smiling child’s face. If not, it may make them question their, and my, sanity.

Writing is a lot like eating chocolate. If you like chocolate, you’ll gorge yourself every now and again, and if you like writing, you’ll try to write stuff even though you’re brain’s starting to hurt. When will it end?

There was a man who wandered the wilds, looking for sand sharks. He spent his years searching through caves and mountain nooks, looking for the last of the beasts. He died having found one.

Or it could have been an old sock…

Before you judge my inane drivel, I implore you to give the app a go, you might just learn something about yourself.

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