What’s odd about this post is how buried the lessons from abuse victims is.
Douglas Crets

Doug, if there’s anything I wanted to do in my story, it was to highlight the problem of sexual abuse, and the courage of the many survivors we talked to in the course of writing 600 stories that year. It’s the main theme of the movie, and that is why the first section of my story after the intro deals with Maryetta Dussourd, who in some ways became a face for the many who were abused, especially for the parents of abused children. She, her children, and her relatives, suffered horribly because of an abusive priest. I don’t know how many people I personally spoke with who were abused, or how many our team spoke with, but I do know we received hundreds of emails and phone calls from survivors, from across the country. Personally, I hope you are doing well yourself.

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