More Democratic Establishment scare-mongering.
Kathryn Hildebrandt

Do you seriously believe Clinton is more likely to invade Iran and topple their regime than Trump? After Trump’s basically promised to tear up the Iran treaty the first day he’s in office? And there’s only one option to prevent Iran going nuclear after that, and it’s military action. On top of that, he’s complained about the recent aggressive behavior of Iranian soldiers and basically said he’d order the military to fire on them? Are you paying any actual attention to the election or what Trump is saying?

And yes, the Patriot Act was a Republican invention, and the Republicans lately sound like they don’t think it went far enough.

Finally, you think putting Clinton in the white house will be giving a “stamp of approval” to a fascist dictator? Yet Trump has all but said he wants to do away with “Freedom of the press.” Put Clinton in the White House and it will be business as usual on capitol hill, for better or worse. Put Trump in the white house, and you’ll actually learn the definition of “fascist dictator.”

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