The real reason your life’s shit

We’ve all been there before.

The one at the bar looking to forget their problems. Complaining to friends and family about how you’re going no where. Or how nothing feels like it’s going right.

Yes, we’ve been there, I sure as hell have and 99.9% of the people reading this have as well.

We complain, bitch, moan and groan, about what’s happening, where things are, how we’re unhappy about our lives, and well… You get the picture.

We chalk it up as shit happens.

Say it won’t be this way forever until 4 years passes and you’re no more closer to the person you want to be or the life you wish you had. In fact, you’ve probably worse than you were all those years ago.

Well here’s a secret for you, the real reason why your life is total shit and you’re not any closer to you’re idea life…

The truth is, you’re already in your idea life. You’re already the person you want to be. Because otherwise, you’d be dead set on changing it and doing whatever was necessary if it really was so horrible.

Many of the people I talk to want to become rich. And something I’ll always ask them is what they did today to work themselves towards that goal.

Guess what 98% of them say? Nothing.


Well, you shouldn’t be.

The truth is, we complain to complain.

If you REALLY wanted to be rich, you wouldn’t have spent 4 hours in front of the TV watching the latest Simpson’s episode.

No, you would have used those 4 hours to try and make money.

If you REALLY wanted to feel pretty or handsome, you would have been out there trying to figure out why you feel like you’re ugly.

If you really wanted to be in a relationship, you would be out there trying to find someone instead of sitting at home feeling sorry for yourself.

The truth is, everyone of us are exactly where we want to be in life because every single day, you pass up the chance to better your situation.

This is going to piss a lot of people off.

After all, it’s not their fault they can’t find a better job or a way to bring in extra money. The economy’s shit, right? No.

It absolutely IS their fault, because if they really wanted money, they would suck it up and find another job, even working two if that’s what it takes. They would be out their going door to door asking to shovel snow or cut grass. They would be doing anything other than spending their afternoon doing nothing.

And it’s not your fault if your ugly. After all, you were born with the DNA and it was out of your control. Except it’s not.

It might be hard to change your physical looks, but I can guarantee you the physical side of things isn’t the issue. It’s how you perceive yourself that’s the problem.

It’s your fault because you let the voice of a few judge you when the only one who needs to be the judge is YOU.

If you want to feel pretty, then be pretty. Nobody else can do that for you and until you stop letting others dictate your beauty, then you’re always going to be the ugly one.

And guess what?

If you’re alone, it’s your fault to. Forget even thinking about how “you can’t control someone to be with you”. You’re right, you can’t.

What you can control though is going out and socializing with new men/women to try and find a match.

You can control staying at home, being alone and feeling sorry for yourself because nobody wants you.

So yeah, it IS your fault your life’s shit. It’s your fault nothing changes.

Because if you seriously wanted to change things, you would. You’re just too afraid, or too lazy, to do something about it.

But there is something you can do right now. Something that will give you a positive step forward. You can head on over to Facebook and join this group because Matthew (That’s me!) will be sharing information on how to get out of this situation you’re currently in and positive feel good shit to help motivate you enough to get out there and change your life. But only if you don’t want to be a part of the 99.9% of people who won’t change a thing.