ISIS Must Be Stopped Now

Though war-weary, America must recognize that this is not just another Iraq. We must act forcefully and immediately to eliminate the greatest terrorist threat in the world today.

ISIS is a clear and present danger.


Two innocent Americans have been beheaded by ISIS. These journalist’s murders should serve as a reminder to us all of the ruthlessness and depravity of ISIS. The savage group makes no distinction between combatant and civilian and thousands of innocents have been killed by ISIS in just the past few months.

Contrary to what you may think, ISIS is no joke, it is a sophisticated organization that controls an area the size of Belgium, boasts a bankroll of almost $2 Billion, and has an estimated 50,000 in its ranks (of note, almost twice the size of Belgium’s active duty military since we’re using Belgium as a reference). ISIS has grown so large and so powerful, that it has not only eclipsed terrorist organizations like Al Qaeda, but it has literally scared them away with their brutality. Al Qaeda thinks ISIS is too brutal. That should make you think.

A war-weary America and the lessons learned in Iraq.


Now it is understandable that neither the American public nor Washington is eager to get more heavily involved in combatting or at least stymying the growth of ISIS, but that reluctance is a disastrous mistake.

Iraq, the war that disillusioned America about intervention, failed for two very important reasons. First, it was waged under false or misinformed pretenses. The evils of the Iraqi government and Saddam Hussein were overblown and overstated. Second, the war in Iraq failed tactically because America did not deploy nearly enough troops to stabilize the country and neglected to enlist the help of enough allied countries.

What must be done to destroy ISIS.

In the case of ISIS, I don’t think there is any question of the evils and dangers the organization poses, so the justifications for military intervention are clear. While there is clear and unanimous support for limited military intervention to combat ISIS through air strikes and other minimally involved approaches, it is not enough. Our air power and special forces are unmatched, but as recent history has taught, success requires more than just shooting missiles from drones. The second folly in Iraq can be avoided very simply, and though a simple solution, it is a difficult one.

It may take 10 times as many troops as seen here. (

America must rally the support of its allies in NATO and the region and deploy a force powerful enough to not only destroy ISIS, but also to maintain stability in the aftermath. This is an operation that will require hundreds of thousands of troops, several years, and billions of dollars. Aware of the great human and financial costs of Iraq, many Americans will be skeptical of this solution, but we must recognize the very real and very serious threat ISIS poses to America.

Why the U.S. should care.


I won’t try to argue the humanitarian side (that hundreds and thousands of religious and ethnic minorities are being exterminated by ISIS) because so much genocide has already been publicized, and it has not moved our nation to action. It is clear that ISIS poses a serious threat to stability and peace in the region, but what many Americans don’t understand is that ISIS poses a threat to our lives here in America. Our own intelligence services estimate hundreds of Americans are fighting for ISIS, and thousands more carry European passports. The ability for these terrorists to travel unfettered to the United States should be downright frightening. These traitors have been radicalized and pose a serious threat to the lives of innocent Americans across the country. Until ISIS is stopped, they will continue to be a threat to peace and stability around the world and right here at home. I just pray that it won’t take something horrendous to wake America up.

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